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Digital Shadows offer insights into Ashley Madison breach

September 8, 2015
Digital Shadows offer insights into Ashley Madison breach

In light of the recent claimed breach of Ashley Madison, Will Gragido, Head of Threat Intelligence for Digital Shadows, provided his insights. These were reported in the Globe and Mail, The International Business Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Register and The Guardian.

The Globe and Mail reported “it’s early to guess what potential impact this breach could have on the business because of the number of unknowns, but “from a high-level business perspective, it’s safe to say that current and former Ashley Madison customers will be evaluating their use of the company’s products, and there may be some legal ramifications.” Mr. Gragido added the most striking thing about this situation is the hackers’ demand to shut the business down, which opens up the question of what the hacker groups deem objectionable.”

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