Threat Intelligence Tradecraft

Iranian Cyber Threats: Practical Advice for Security Professionals
January 6, 2020

Unless you went very dark for an extended holiday break, you are no doubt very well aware of the United …

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Waiter, there’s a hole in my intelligence collection!

February 10, 2016

We’re all swimming in data. There’s data everywhere. From packet captures to reputation feeds, it feels like there is a …

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The Strategic Corporal and Information Security

January 18, 2016

For those unfamiliar with the term “strategic corporal”, it sprung out of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. The concept …

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Lots to learn? Academia and intelligence

January 4, 2016

With the ongoing emergence of CTI you could be forgiven for thinking that the discipline of intelligence was new. But …

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Communicating Intelligence: The Challenge of Consumption

December 10, 2015

In my previous blog in this series I discussed the challenge of effectively communicating intelligence, and provided examples of how …

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Communicating Intelligence: Getting the message out

December 8, 2015

In my previous blog I discussed some of the challenges associated with communicating intelligence. In this follow up piece, I’ll …

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TalkTalk Information Likely to be Discoverable on The Dark Web

December 4, 2015

Last month, TalkTalk disclosed that they been the victim of a cyber attack on its website. Initial disclosures indicated that …

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Communicating Intelligence: A Battle of Three Sides

December 2, 2015

Good intelligence depends in large measure on clear, concise writing. -Fran Moore, Director for Analysis, Central Intelligence Agency (2011) I’m …

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Activity Based Intelligence – Activating Your Interest?

November 25, 2015

Some threat actors love to make noise. Be it a tweet, a forum post, or a chat room message, communicating …

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The Way of Hacking

November 10, 2015

In the Japanese martial art of Aikido it is said that “Kurai Dori” is the ability of a skilled practitioner, …

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The Intelligence Cycle – What Is It Good For?

September 9, 2015

It seems that the concept of ‘intelligence’ is a problem. The definition isn’t agreed, and the industry is peppered with …

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