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Jira Atlassian SearchLight   Integration

Jira Atlassian SearchLight   Integration
Michael Marriott
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July 21, 2020 | 2 Min Read

On average, it’s estimated that security teams deploy around 47 cybersecurity solutions and technologies. 

That’s more solutions than hours in a working week! 

Though each security solution may solve a problem – the sheer number of platforms creates problems in themselves: duplication of work and increased friction. As Integrations Manager at Digital Shadows, I’m focused on minimizing this friction so that our clients can reduce their median time to remediate risk.

I’m delighted to announce Digital Shadows’ new integration with Jira Atlassian, the leading issue & project tracking tool. After chatting with clients, I noticed that SearchLight and Jira users would switch – rather awkwardly – between the platforms to manage alerts, assign workloads to the team, and track progress. Part of their workload would therefore be characterized by an unnecessary layer of admin for security users, who use Jira as a security tool. 

The solution? A new Jira Atlassian and SearchLight integration which centralizes project management and workflows within a single platform. We intend for this integration to reduce the time spent switching between Jira Atlassian and SearchLight to manage alerts. 

How does the integration work?

Once the app is installed users are able to choose which alerts will automatically flow from SearchLight to Jira via the integration. SearchLight will automatically send any configured alerts to Jira to fit easily into your workflow. 

You can view the integration in this video:

How to Set-Up Jira + SearchLight in 5 Easy Steps

1. Download Digital Shadows App from the Atlassian Marketplace 

2. Enter API credentials 

3. Map alerts based on alert types and severity 

4. Start receiving alerts into your Jira instance 

5. Easily pivot back into SearchLight to gain additional context 

Stay Tuned for More Integrations

Digital Shadows’ Jira integration is one of many releases that make up an aggressive 2020 roadmap. The goal of which is simple: help organizations to reduce friction and more easily operationalize the alerts we provide them. 

Want to learn about our other integrations? Check out our full list of SearchLight integrations here

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