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Leveraging Digital Shadows’ Premium Services

Leveraging Digital Shadows’ Premium Services
Nadim Khater
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August 18, 2021 | 3 Min Read

The state of threat intelligence today is a dynamic, ever-changing threat landscape coupled with a global shortage of a skilled workforce. Security teams, therefore, have become increasingly more reliant on automation, relevance, and accuracy.

The threat landscape continues to evolve in-depth, variety, and capability. Likewise, SearchLight continues to adapt to this changing landscape, maintaining its coverage, flexibility, and analytics—adding new playbooks and workflow options that dramatically reduce the time to triage. These new services, however, go one step further.

Maximizing Your investment in SearchLight: Advisory Services

Digital Shadows already has one of the best support services available as standard: Customer Success Managers, in-portal support, account reviews, and online training are all staples of the SearchLight service.

Digital Shadows’ new “Premium Services” augment and complement the value of SearchLight to customers with a selection of custom and set-piece projects. These services ensure your best return on investment is reached.

There is a range of services available for customers that immediately maximize the efficiency of SearchLight. Although SearchLight allows users to customize their instance deeply and programmatically for free, these new services give customers access to Digital Shadows resources to fine-tune the configuration as relevant to their use-cases, sectors, integrations, and even different internal teams.

  1. Technical Account Manager (TAM) – a dedicated technical expert who constantly checks, configures, advises, and updates customers on their optimal portal configuration throughout their contract. 
  2. Enhanced and Premium Onboarding – a deliverable that provides detailed tactical, operational, and strategic configuration of the SearchLight instance for the customer during the initial onboarding. 
  3. Asset Review and Discovery – a project run by technical experts at Digital Shadows to review, discover and suggest asset configurations to the customer to ensure maximum coverage and relevance—as a one-off.

Reports for Business Stakeholders: Custom Intelligence Services

Alongside advisory services, I’m delighted to announce the availability of new types of reporting that provide analysis suitable for a range of business stakeholders. We understand the need for custom add-on projects that arise in this shifting landscape. 

  1. Digital Risk / C-Suite Report – a 2-page report that presents the most strategic layer of Customer Digital Risk, including temporal trends, peer and industry comparison, and key digital risk indicators done on a recurring quarterly basis. (Shown below).
  2. VIP Exposure Report – a one-off report looking into a key staff members’ digital exposure, including personal and sensitive information, dark web mentions, and PII that could be exploited in impersonation or physical attacks.
  3. Use-Case Playbook – a large-scale project that considers one use-case/integration required by customers (for example, pulling domains detected by SearchLight into a firewall endpoint/log). Digital Shadows then builds a detailed workflow, work plan, and API / code commands to help customers implement these as seamlessly as possible with automation and scalability in mind.
A C-Suite Report Example

To learn more about Digital Shadows’ new services, you can now read more detailed information about Custom Intelligence Services and Advisory Services on our website.

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