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The misuse of your online brand gives adversaries the opportunity to target your employees, suppliers and customers. According to the SANS Institute, 95% of enterprise network attacks involve successful spear phishing attempts, a tactic widely used across a spectrum of adversaries, from state-level actors to low-level spammers.

Cybercriminals impersonate your brand by registering spoof domains, social media accounts, and mobile applications. Successful phishing attempts against your customers can impact your revenue, loyalty, and customer trust.

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  • brand impersonation protection

    How one global retailer detected almost 2,000 domains impersonating their brand

    Adversaries impersonate legitimate domains for a host of different motivations: it may be to harvest credentials or dupe customers into purchasing counterfeit goods. For one of our customers – both of these motivations were a concern.

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  • practical guide digital risk

    A Practical Guide to Reducing Digital Risk

    This practical guide provides advice to help understand how to identify critical business assets, understand the threat, monitor for exposure, and take action. In this guide, you will see free tools organizations can use to monitor for exposure, such as exposed credentials, documents, and infrastructure weaknesses.

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  • executive digital risk protection

    The C-Suite's Missing Part of Overall Risk

    With security expected to enable your digital strategy, CISOs need to gain visibility beyond their traditional perimeter. In this guide, you will learn about the emergence of Digital Risk Protection, a framework for protecting against Digital Risks, and questions the C-Suite should be asking.

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  • marketing-and-brand-protection-digital-shadows

    Why Marketing Leaders Must Take Action To Manage Digital Risk and Protect Their Brand

    Our Chief Marketing Officer, Daniel Lowden, walks through real customer stories to show the importance of online brand security for Marketing leaders. 

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  • Forrester Content Section

    Digital Shadows Named a "Leader" in the 2018 Forrester New Wave for Digital Risk Protection

    SearchLight recognized as strongest in current offering, strategy, and market presence for Digital Risk Protection

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  • Business Email Compromise

    Pst! Cybercriminals on the Outlook for Your Emails

    According to the FBI, Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Email Account Compromise (EAC) have caused $12 billion in losses since October 2013. In this research, Digital Shadows outlines the declining barriers to entry for this type of fraud. Check out our key findings.

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Digital Shadows SearchLight Enables You to Detect:

Domain Impersonation: Uncover web domains similar to your actual domain names, including typo squats and domain squats. These are often used in phishing, malware or credential harvesting threats.

Malicious Mobile Applications: Digital Shadows discovers mobile apps that pose a risk to your organization, from out of-date apps using old branding to mobile apps that have been modified or produced by a threat actor.

Spoof Social Media Profiles: Identify social media profiles or groups spoofing your firm or brand, which may be targeting your customers or diverting revenue.

Counterfeits and FraudIdentify counterfeit items for sale on criminal forums, dark web marketplaces, and spoof domains.

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  • Boards, executives, and security leadership must come together to create a security strategy that protects the company from both the inside and the outside to mitigate risk and meet compliance and regulatory requirements. Digital Shadows solves this problem by protecting organizations from digital risks across the open, deep, and dark web. If Digital Shadows isn’t monitoring the outside, attackers may already be on the inside.

    Art Coviello, Former Executive Chairman of RSA, The Security Division of EMC
  • Digital Shadows provides the most complete and adaptable service when it comes to helping us manage our digital risks. This is crucial for protecting our intellectual property, brand, and reputation as we digitally transform our business.

    Sascha Maier, IT & Information Security Manager at IWC Schaffhausen
  • Digital Shadows has proven that their digital risk management service is incredibly valuable, providing my security teams with context, prioritization, recommended actions, and even remediation options to dramatically reduce risk to Sophos.

    Norm Laudermilch, CISO of Sophos
  • We needed an in-depth view of the outer world and what was being said about our Brand. Digital Shadows fulfills this requirement perfectly.

    Security Leader, Gartner Peer Insights
  • We LOVE Digital Shadows, from the service offering, to the analysts, the whole package.”

    Security Leader, Fortune 500 customer

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