The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have long been a prime target for cyber criminals looking to monetize stolen personal information and intellectual property. With the growth of electronic patient records and connected devices in the healthcare ecosystem, the digital risks to your organization has never been greater. Healthcare organizations must manage digital risks to keep you compliant and your patient & employee data safe. 

  • Top Cyber Threats to the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sectors

    Top Threats to Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Brief

    Healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies rest on a foundation of sensitive patient data and intellectual property that is attractive to both financially motivated as well as politically minded attackers.

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  • social-media-oversharing-by-healthcare-executive-puts-firm-at-risk

    Social Media Oversharing by Healthcare Executive Puts Firm at Risk

    With Searchlight, a healthcare organization discovered that one of its technical executives had included specific system, server models and software versions on a career biography posted online.

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  • Digital Shadows Dark and Deep Web

    Dark Web and Deep Web Intelligence

    Manage digital risks on the deep and dark web. Receive curated deep and dark web incidents related to your company assets and perform free-text searches for keywords or sensitive data.

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  • company-office-plan-leaked-online

    Company Office Plan Leaked Online

    With Digital Shadows SearchLight™, the Security Manager of a healthcare provider discovered an unsecured File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server that included a PDF file of a blueprint for the client’s office space.

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  • Boards, executives, and security leadership must come together to create a security strategy that protects the company from both the inside and the outside to mitigate risk and meet compliance and regulatory requirements. Digital Shadows solves this problem by protecting organizations from digital risks across the open, deep, and dark web. If Digital Shadows isn’t monitoring the outside, attackers may already be on the inside.

    Art Coviello, Former Executive Chairman of RSA, The Security Division of EMC
  • Digital Shadows has proven that their digital risk management service is incredibly valuable, providing my security teams with context, prioritization, recommended actions, and even remediation options to dramatically reduce risk to Sophos.

    Norm Laudermilch, CISO of Sophos
  • Digital Shadows provides the most complete and adaptable service when it comes to helping us manage our digital risks. This is crucial for protecting our intellectual property, brand, and reputation as we digitally transform our business.

    Sascha Maier, IT & Information Security Manager at IWC Schaffhausen
  • Digital Shadows service is outstanding!

    Group Head of Cyber Security Incident Response Team, Healthcare Company
  • We LOVE Digital Shadows, from the service offering, to the analysts. The whole package.

    Security Leader, Fortune 500 customer
  • All the guys love it!

    Head of InfoSec, Healthcare Industry
  • The Digital Shadows platform is complete, with good correlation between actors, groups and analysis of events.

    Security Leader, Banking Industry

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