Phishing Protection

Discover attackers impersonating your domains, social accounts, and mobile applications.

The Problem

From cybercriminals to nation-states, phishing is one of the most popular and trusted tactics. With an estimated $12.5 billion lost to Business Email Compromise, phishing has a real business impact.

Many technologies exist to identify known malicious phishing emails, detect anomalies, or prevent email spoofing. But they do not provide the full picture - especially as organizations increasingly interact with customers and prospects online.


Spoof Domains detected every year for the average company.

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Continuous Detection

SearchLight continually identifies when new domains, social media profiles, or mobile apps appear. This enables you to perform takedowns before the targeting of customers or employees begins.

With SearchLight's domain timeline, we track changes to the domain's MX and DNS records and alert you when the risk changes.

Instant Context

For every alert, SearchLight provides rich context that enables you to make better decisions, faster. Context includes a screenshot, page source code, reputation data, and hosting data.

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Quick Remediation

  • Prioritize Based on Risk Score
  • Playbooks for Remediating Risk
  • Managed and Templated Takedown Options
  • Integration Options

Dive Deeper

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Discover attackers impersonating your domains, social accounts, people, and mobile applications.

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Has Your Back

SearchLight™ enables you to minimize your digital risk by detecting data loss, securing your online brand, and reducing your attack surface.

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