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Digital Shadows Launches Free SearchLight ‘Test Drive’ Digital Risk Protection Experience for Security Practitioners

Digital Shadows Launches Free SearchLight ‘Test Drive’ Digital Risk Protection Experience for Security Practitioners

Digital Shadows Launches Free SearchLight ‘Test Drive’ Digital Risk Protection Experience for Security Practitioners
February 27, 2019 | 4 Min Read

Test Drive enables security practitioners to experience the market leading service within minutes and search the open, deep, and dark web by signing up at www.digitalshadows.com


San Francisco and London, February 27, 2019: Digital Shadows, the leader in Digital Risk Protection, has today announced the formal launch of ‘Test Drive’, a free interactive experience for security practitioners to get a glimpse of the true power of SearchLight™, by connecting within minutes at www.digitalshadows.com. Through this experience, security practitioners can quickly learn the best approach to minimize digital risks by detecting data loss, securing their online brand, and reducing their attack surface. Named “Leader” in the 2018 Forrester New Wave for Digital Risk Protection, Digital Shadows created SearchLight ‘Test Drive’ so practitioners could connect with the product in the way they want to, being able to experience the service and search the open, deep, and dark web on their own.

“Using Digital Shadows Searchlight ‘Test Drive’ gave us a quick view in our own time to better understand the power and capability to be more pro-active and protect against digital risks from across the open, deep, and dark web,” said a VP of Security and Data Privacy from a major retail company who used Test Drive. “We are now a full customer and greatly appreciate Digital Shadows coverage, expertise, and the relevance with minimal false positive so that we can focus on the highest priority risks with better efficiency and results.”

Key elements of the Digital Shadows SearchLight ‘Test Drive’ experience include:

  • Example alerts for spoof domains, exposed credentials, and infrastructure weaknesses
  • Instant search of dark web pages, criminal forums, threat feeds, and more
  • 200 threat intelligence profiles of actors, tools, and campaigns

“We wanted to create an easy to use interactive experience so that security practitioners can see how our SearchLight service can help them better protect their company from external digital risks,” said Rick Holland, CISO and VP of Strategy for Digital Shadows. “We Beta tested SearchLight Test Drive for the past few months and the response has been incredibly positive from security teams. We also have had great feedback from channel partners who offered a co-branded SearchLight Test Drive experience to their customers.”

Through a survey sent to hundreds of Test Drives users, 90% of respondents said that they are looking to purchase a solution for digital risk for the first time and 90% of respondents were inspired to learn more about managing their digital risk from Digital Shadows based on their Test Drive experience. Direct feedback from Test Drivers who responded to the survey included:

“You provide a very fair, open process to access your product. I like the clean design of the program.”
– Test Drive End User

“You have a great team to support your partners and customers, congrats!”
– Channel Partner who completed a Test Drive

Digital Shadows recently published “A Practical Guide For Reducing Digital Risk” that includes specific tools and approaches for security, intelligence, and fraud teams that references SearchLight Test Drive as a best practice. The guide provides advice to help understand how to identify critical business assets, understand the threat, monitor for exposure, and take action that will enable organizations to move towards a more mature approach to reducing digital risk.

To learn more about Digital Shadows SearchLight ‘Test Drive’ and experience it for yourself in minutes, visit www.digitalshadows.com. To see it demonstrated in person @RSA Conference, visit us at booth #4421 North Hall or meet with us 1:1 in our meeting space. To see for yourself why Forrester named SearchLight a ‘Leader’ please visit our blog.



Digital Shadows minimizes digital risk by identifying unwanted exposure and protecting against external threats. Organizations can suffer regulatory fines, loss of intellectual property, and reputational damage when digital risk is left unmanaged. Digital Shadows SearchLight™ helps you minimize these risks by detecting data loss, securing your online brand, and reducing your attack surface. To learn more and get free access within minutes to SearchLight Test Drive, visit www.digitalshadows.com.

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