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Shadow Search Empowers Digital Shadows’ Customers to Make Better Decisions with Instant Access to the Broadest Range of Sources

Shadow Search Empowers Digital Shadows’ Customers to Make Better Decisions with Instant Access to the Broadest Range of Sources

Shadow Search Empowers Digital Shadows’ Customers to Make Better Decisions with Instant Access to the Broadest Range of Sources
April 10, 2018 | 5 Min Read

Increased proactive functionality enables faster, instantly available access to the latest relevant threat data

London / San Francisco, April 10, 2018: Digital Shadows, the leader in digital risk management and threat intelligence, today announced its new “Shadow Search” capability, available as part of its flagship, award-winning SearchLight service.  Shadow Search enables instant access to Digital Shadows’ comprehensive collection of historical and evolving threat intelligence assets, and expert security sources. This includes leading security blogs and news and enables SearchLight subscribers the ability to better manage third-party risk, investigate security incidents, monitor trends and enrich threat hunting of client-specific indicators and threat actors jeopardizing their business, brand and reputation.

Searchlight scours underground Internet forums where threat actors conduct business. Shadow Search combines expert security research, assessments, threat intelligence reports, structured technical data and content from the open, deep, and dark web into an innovative, precision search engine returning detailed results in context. These results can be organized according to technical, geopolitical, industry sector and other key topics. Shadow Search delivers threat insight with context hard to find anywhere else, to recoup valuable time for understaffed security operations teams and overwhelmed threat analysts.

Shadow Search accelerates hands-on access to a broad range of intelligence collection and analysis with practical and powerful features, including:

  • A vast and ever-expanding cache of structured and unstructured data available for search
  • Ability to view recent searches, save searches and subscribe to alerts on new matches
  • New extended search syntax and rich contextual filters
  • Easy to interpret search results categorized by timing, threat level, associations and more
  • A dedicated search area to run multiple searches and explore detailed results
  • Ability to export results in Excel and JSON as well as via API and correlate further to enrich investigations/research

In Gartner Inc.’s November 2017  report, Innovation Insight for Security Orchestration, Automation and Response,’  Research VP Craig Lawson states, “Security and risk management leaders responsible for security monitoring and operations face an increasingly challenging world. Attackers are improving their ability to bypass traditional blocking and prevention security technologies, and end users continue to fall victim to attackers through social engineering methods, while still failing to carry out basic security practices well. While mean time to detect threats may be trending down across industries it still takes way too long. Once detected, the ability to respond to, and remediate, those threats is still a challenge for most organizations.”

What some customers and Partners are saying about Shadow Search:


“We participated in the Digital Shadows SearchLight Beta program for their new search feature, Shadow Search, and we found that the new tool gave the Security Operations Centre a one-stop-shop for our investigations. We were able to look up IPs, sector-related intelligence and monitor on custom alerts we have configured. We have been able to explore all areas that Digital Shadows cover in one simple search and pivot off our findings,” said Lead IT Security Analyst, JLP.

“Shadow Search quickly enabled us to go extremely deep on research and investigation of our digital risks, enabling us to make sense of massive amounts of data from the deep, dark and open web by making it more accessible and discoverable. Shadow Search will help us make more informed decisions and make a positive impact on security incident response and threat hunting.”

IWC Schaffhausen:

“Through our deep partnership with Digital Shadows, we were asked to participate in their SearchLight Beta program for their new search feature Shadow Search,” said Sascha Maier, IT & Information Security Manager at IWC Schaffhausen. “Shadow Search will give us access to the broadest coverage, provide the most relevant results and actionable information to make better decisions faster to protect our company from today’s digital risks.”


“Today’s security teams rely on strategic and tactical threat intelligence to make quick and decisive decisions,” said Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer, Cylance. “Combining Cylance’s Infinity Cloud capability with the Shadow Search feature of Digital Shadows SearchLight™ will provide users with the fast and accurate contextual information they need to protect their organizations.”


Orange County-based Tevora, a premiere management consulting firm focused on cybersecurity, risk, and compliance services, is a trusted partner of Digital Shadows. Tevora’s Managing Director of Threat Management, Clayton Riness states, “SearchLight is one of the powerful resources our Threat Team relies on to best manage our customer’s risk and security needs, and we are eager to take advantage of the innovative Shadow Search capability.”

For more details on SearchLight and Shadow Search, request a demo with one of our experts here.



Digital Shadows enables organizations to manage digital risk by identifying and eliminating threats to their business and brand. We monitor for digital risk across the widest range of data sources within the open, deep and dark web to deliver tailored threat intelligence, context and actionable remediation options that enable security teams to be more effective and efficient. Our clients can focus on growing their core business knowing that they are protected if their data is exposed, if employees or third parties put them at risk, or if their brand is being misused. To learn more, visit www.digitalshadows.com.

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