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Digital Shadows SearchLight

Our scalable data analysis platform is complemented with security analyst expertise to ensure extensive coverage, tailored intelligence and frictionless deployment. 

  • Extensive Coverage

    Our breadth of coverage is unrivaled. Employing advanced natural language and machine learning technologies, we continually monitor 100 million information sources in 27 languages across the visible, dark and deep Internet. No stone is left unturned.

  • Tailored Intelligence

    Everything we deliver is tailored to your organization. A register of key assets that uniquely define your organization, your subsidiaries and your supply chain drives our intelligence machinery. You only see intelligence that is relevant to you.

  • Frictionless Deployment

    Using SearchLight couldn't be easier. Instantly available, it makes no impact on your IT systems. Our intelligence operations analysts lift the signal from the noise, strip out false alarms and send you the priority cases. You save time and money.

Who We Are

Digital Shadows provides cyber situational awareness that helps organizations protect against cyber attacks, loss of intellectual property, and loss of brand and reputational integrity. Our team of highly trained threat intelligence and security analysts is the foundation of everything we do.

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