Account Takeover Prevention

Detect exposed employee credentials before attackers do.

The Problem

Every year billions of credentials, email addresses, passwords, and personal information, are posted online. This includes the credentials of your employees.

These credentials are extremely valuable to cybercriminals, enabling attackers to perform account takeovers and credential stuffing campaigns.


of hacking-related breaches still involve compromised and weak credentials.

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Exposed Credentials

SearchLight uses a combination of proprietry technology and closed source expertise to detect employee credentials that have been exposed in third party breaches, and find credentials exposed by developers or third parties on code-sharing and paste sites.

Understanding the Threat Landscape

  • Research Credential Stuffing Tools
  • Track Credential Harvesters
  • Detect Impersonations of Own Domains
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API and Alerting

Digital Shadows' robust API allows for easy integration of SearchLight with other security tools, including Threat Intelligence, SIEM, and Ticketing platforms. For those wanting to automate their responses, we offer integrations with Phantom Security and Demisto Enterprise.

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Detect exposed employee credentials before attackers do.

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Has Your Back

SearchLight™ enables you to minimize your digital risk by detecting data loss, securing your online brand, and reducing your attack surface.

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