Data Leakage Detection

Detect sensitive data that's been exposed by employees, contractors, or third parties.

The Problem

Whether it’s intellectual property, personal data, or financial information, the goal of information security is to protect those assets. However, its not enough to only focus on the network - you need to know what data is already exposed.

When these assets are shared across growing electronic ecosystems, third parties, or cloud services, it’s practically impossible to know where your sensitive data resides online.


of companies detect exposed data every week.

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Sources of Exposure

SearchLight continually monitors for a range of exposed documents, including PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. These often contain sensitive information that threat actors can use to their benefit and harm your organization.

Instant Context

For every alert, SearchLight provides rich context that enables you to make better decisions, faster. This includes file metadata, a timeline or changes, and IP reputation scores.

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  • Prioritize Based on Risk Score
  • Easy Remediation with NIST Playbooks
  • Augment Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools
  • Leverage Managed and Templated Takedown Options

Dive Deeper

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Data Leakage Detection Datasheet

Detect sensitive data that's been exposed by employees, contractors, or third parties.

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Has Your Back

SearchLight™ enables you to minimize your digital risk by detecting data loss, securing your online brand, and reducing your attack surface.

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