Digital Footprint Monitoring

Gain an attackers-eye-view of your external-facing infrastructure.

The Problem

Security teams seeking to identify weaknesses in their infrastructure may turn to a range of tools. While it's easy to perform a vulnerability scan against known assets, ascertaining what is the highest priority is difficult. Worse still, it’s difficult to identify and keep track of the infrastructure you are trying to protect.


of organizations do not have sufficient understanding of their attack surface.

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Continuous Monitoring

  • Identify Exploitable, RCE Vulnerabilities
  • Detect Weak or Expiring Certificate
  • Identify Misconfigured File Services
  • Detect Open Ports

Understanding the Threat Landscape

One of the most popular tactics of threat actors is the exploitation of publicly-facing applications. SearchLight enables you to prioritize the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that pose the biggest threat to your organization, so you can proactively mitigate those threats.

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Each alert comes with clear, actionable advice into remediating the risk. As an extension of your team - we provide the context you need to make security decisions.

Furthermore, all of our intelligence and alerts are easily consumable through our RESTful API or our rich integration ecosystem.

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Gain an attackers-eye-view of external-facing infrastructure


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Has Your Back

SearchLight™ enables you to minimize your digital risk by detecting data loss, securing your online brand, and reducing your attack surface.

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