Problems Security Leaders Face

The Problem Security Leaders Face Every Day

  • Organizations are under constant attack from cyber criminals
  • Employees and third parties are exposing sensitive data
  • Limited resources make it difficult to find or hire the right talent
  • Threat feeds are ineffective and have too many false positives
  • We don’t know which digital risks to prioritize and solve first
  • We lack data sources and language coverage to be effective
  • The disparate point solutions from the past are no longer relevant
  • Our attack surface is expanding; this is only going to get harder
digital risk protection

Digital Risk Protection:
The Solution

We notify you with context, recommendations, and remediation approaches when:

  • Any of your data leaks online
  • Your brand is being misrepresented online
  • Hacktivists or cyber criminals plan to target you
  • Employees or suppliers put you at risk
  • Key members of staff are imitated or threatened online
  • Criminals are selling your data on the dark web
  • Your infrastructure changes, putting you at risk
  • And much more
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Protect Against Digital Risk with Digital Shadows SearchLight™

See how our SearchLight service monitors, manages, and remediates your digital risk across the open, deep and dark web.

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