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Managed Security Service Providers

Enhance managed services by operationalizing intelligence from the open, deep, and dark web.

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Established Offering

Managed Service Providers save time and resources by partnering with Digital Shadows. SearchLight is a best-in-breed solution, which enables MSSPs to provide greater value to the customer and better differentiation from competitors.

Customizable Product

MSSPs may select either the complete set of Digital Shadows functionality or choose which type of intelligence alerts suit the customer budget or most relevant to your service capability. This modular system enables you to "land and expand", as well as meet you customers' specific needs.

Easy to Operationalize

Unlike traditional threat intelligence feeds, SearchLight discards noise so that customers only receive the most relevant alerts. This means fewer false positives, less wasted effort, and more time operationalizing threat intelligence.

MSSP Partner Overview

Discover how to enhance managed services with intelligence from the open, deep, and dark web with Digital Shadows SeachLight.

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