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Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web is often the first place your organization’s breached data lands— from compromised credentials, third party leaks, ransomware dump listings. It also is a source for invaluable threat intelligence— pre-planned attacks or discussion around vulnerabilities and exploits. Digital Shadows SearchLight™ gives you unparalleled visibility into dark web risks to your organization, enabling teams to take actions on threats before they become incidents.

  • Exposed Credentials and Data Leaks
  • Sale of Sensitive Data or Intellectual Property
  • Fraud and Counterfeit Goods and Services
  • VIP and Executive Threats
  • Threat Actor Chatter and Potential Threats
  • Closed Forum Access

How does SearchLight™ Help?

SearchLight continuously monitors the broadest range of dark web sources for threats to your organization, including restricted cybercriminal forums in English, Russian and Mandarin through our dedicated team of global analysts. Eliminating the time and resources necessary to index hundreds of millions of dark web pages, SearchLight acts as an extension of your team delivering accurate alerting with access to an extensive threat intelligence library and historical archive of dark web data spanning 10+ years.

  • Gain visibility across the widest breadth of open, deep, and dark web sources including ToR and I2P pages , 46M+ IRC and Telegram channels, 35M+ indexed criminal forums, 1M+ marketplace listings, 99M+ pastes, and closed sources in several languages.
  • Uncover exposed credentials, ransomware data leaks, and customer PII listings from your organization sold on IRC channels, forums, and criminal marketplaces.
  • Get notified of postings of breached data such as payment card details, counterfeit goods, or phishing kits targeting your customers with additional context and content analysis from Photon Research.
  • Expose insider threats or premeditated attacks through dark web mentions of your organization name and assets in cybercriminal channels and forums.
  • Track threats to VIPs and Executive team members in real time across online sources with continuous monitoring and unlimited ShadowSearch queries of key personnel.
  • Investigate further with unlimited searches across raw, indexed threat data via Shadow Search inclusive of threat feeds such as AlienVault, PhishTank, UrlHaus, Cylance, and Webroot.
  • Access our finished Intelligence library and weekly reporting from our best-in-class analyst team including closed-sources reports, weekly intelligence summaries, breaking intelligence updates, and deep-dive incident reports.
  • Assess risk instantly with risk-factor based scoring and assessments from our best-in-class analyst team.
  • Optimize workflows with saved queries in ShadowSearch, and immediately pivot on observables to export reports.
  • Easily assemble threat intelligence reports in our customizable reporting module from several pre-set templates and customize using drag-and-drop modules such as data visualizations, logo and design inputs.
  • Investigate instantly with high-level summaries and associated MITRE techniques available directly in our Intelligence tab or within risk-specific alerts.
  • Track threat actor campaigns with trend analyses and data visualizations of threat actor activity timelines and MITRE techniques and associations to easily digest intelligence.
  • Orchestrate defenses with your existing solutions with Integrations and unlimited API access to pull indexed dark web data from continuous scans and 10+ year historical archives.

SearchLight Customers Experience


of security teams had Ad-Hoc or No coverage of Dark Web sources (DS)


security professionals said exposed credentials was their top dark web monitoring use case


Ransomware tippers annually (2020)


Dark web monitoring can have a real business impact; it can protect you from compliance issues, financial implications, and reputational impacts that can occur if your assets are not properly monitored. Get a customized demo to ensure your organization’s data is not being actively exploited on the open, deep, or dark web and ensure you stay ahead of malicious threat actors.

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Understand the sources of dark web intelligence. Learn how to structure and evaluate dark web intelligence through use cases and tangible security actions. See how gaining visibility into the dark web, combining open source and closed sources, can impact your organization’s bottom line.

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The integration of Searchlight into OneWeb has given us the agility to understand and respond to our external risk exposure. An extremely user-friendly product that is a ‘value add’ extension to our SecOps team.

Digital Shadows has proven that their digital risk management service is incredibly valuable, providing my security teams with context, prioritization, recommended actions, and even 
remediation options to dramatically reduce risk to Sophos.


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