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Intellectual Property Protection

Whether from corporate espionage or inadvertent exposure from an employee, third party, or contractor, intellectual property loss is commonplace. Digital Shadows SearchLight™ protects your organization’s proprietary documents and source code outside of your network through continuous monitoring across the broadest range of open, deep, dark, web, including technical and closed sources. Get high-confidence coverage with rich context to your exposure.

  • Exposed Marked Documents
  • Exposed Technical Documents
  • Exposed Commercial Documents
  • Exposed Source Code

How does SearchLight™ Help?

SearchLight detects exposure of and rapidly reduces time to takedown of your organization’s documents, files, or source code. Get automatic risk analysis and unparalleled context such as content analysis in each alert. With real-time notification and rich context around your intellectual property exposure, security teams can quickly identify sources and automate takedowns all within one platform.

  • Detect marked and unmarked documents in online file stores including Amazon S3, SMB, FTP, Rsync, CDN’s, Web Index folders, and domains.
  • Detect leaked source code across domain, paste sites, public code repositories such as GitHub, GitLab and StackOverflow.
  • Monitor across the widest breadth of sources including online file stores, criminal forums, closed sources, marketplaces, messaging channels and paste sites.
  • Reduce time and skills necessary to manual investigations with rich context included in every alert.
  • See data visualizations of risk with transparent risk factors alongside document screenshots or source code snippets to validate assumptions.
  • Launch takedowns efficiently with templated or managed takedown options directly within SearchLight.
  • Investigate with unrivaled context in Source Explorer, including source information, file store location, associated documents and file store infrastructure, when a document was last seen, and whether a document is still online.
  • Instantly view committer and comitter history of source code in each Unauthorized Commit alert as well as other potential areas of exposure.
  • Get rich, detailed context in each Exposed Document alert including company or brand name, source type, file type, document category, file metadata and domain information matched against Webroot and Google Web Risk.
  • Prioritize takedowns accordingly with content analysis including topic categorization and customizable risk-scoring of exposed documentation based on your organizational priorities.
  • Reduce alert noise over 95% with SearchLight’s proprietary technology and team of global analysts eliminating false positives.
  • Automate repetitive actions with the “Group by source” feature which combines all source-related unauthorized commit alerts into one group, allowing for bulk actions.
  • Orchestrate defenses with your existing solutions with Integrations and unlimited API usage.

SearchLight Customers Experience


scanned a month across GitHub, GitLab, and Pastebin


from exposed online file stores


of customers experienced exposed sensitive data


Gain visibility over your exposed documents and source code online and secure your intellectual property across file stores, domains, online databases, marketplaces, forums and code repositories. SearchLight protects you from data leakage across the broadest range of sources.

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The integration of Searchlight into OneWeb has given us the agility to understand and respond to our external risk exposure. An extremely user-friendly product that is a ‘value add’ extension to our SecOps team.

Digital Shadows has proven that their digital risk management service is incredibly valuable, providing my security teams with context, prioritization, recommended actions, and even 
remediation options to dramatically reduce risk to Sophos.


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