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Technical Leakage Detection

With the speed of software development and new product launches, your organization can be just one hasty misconfiguration or unauthorized commit away from exposure. Digital Shadows SearchLight™ protects your organization’s technical data online through continuous monitoring across the broadest range of open, deep, dark, web, including technical and closed sources.

  • Exposed Access Key(s)
  • Hard Coded Credential(s)
  • Exposed Source Code
  • Unauthorized Code Commits
  • Exposed Technical Documents

How does SearchLight™ Help?

SearchLight alerts your organization in near real time when your access keys, credentials, or source code is exposed online. Through real-time identification and rigorous risk analysis, SearchLight reduces time to remediation by providing security teams with the necessary context and automated actions.

  • Uncover hard-coded credentials, database keys, and online service tokens across the widest breadth of online sources including domains, paste sites, and public code repositories such as GitHub and GitLab.
  • Detect cloud provider API and access keys across technical and closed sources including ToR and I2P pages, closed forums, IRC channels, cybercriminal forums and marketplaces, and more.
  • Detect SSH keys exposed in plain text or coded format with continuous scanning of all aforementioned online sources.
  • Gain visibility of unauthorized code commits in real time across domain, paste sites, public code repositories such as GitHub and GitLab.
  • Monitor for source code exposure across the widest breadth of sources including domains, criminal forums, closed sources, marketplaces, messaging channels and paste sites.
  • Identify exposed technical documents in online files stores such as Amazon S3, SMB, FTP, RSync, CDN’s, Web Index folders, and domains.
  • Identify committer and comitter history in each Unauthorized Commit alert as well as and commit location(s).
  • Get rich, detailed context in each Exposed Technical Document alert including company or brand name, source type, file type, document category, file metadata and domain information matched against Webroot and Google SafeBrowsing.
  • Automate repetitive actions with the “Group by source” feature which combines all source-related document alerts into one group, allowing for bulk actions.
  • Reduce time and skills necessary to manual investigations with rich context, source information, and content analysis included in each alert.
  • Determine risk instantly with clearly defined risk factors of assessment of risk likelihood and business impact of exploitation.
  • Launch takedowns efficiently with templated or managed takedown options in SearchLight.

SearchLight Customer Experience


reduction in time to remediate unauthorized code exposure


exposed keys detected are for databases


entities scanned a month across GitHub, GitLab, and Pastebin


Gain visibility over your exposed access keys, source code online, and technical documentation online. Secure your technical data across file stores, domains, online databases, marketplaces, forums and code repositories. SearchLight protects you from technical asset leakage across the broadest range of sources.

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Learn how to collect, validate, and contain exposed credentials and implement employee education on security best practices.

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The integration of Searchlight into OneWeb has given us the agility to understand and respond to our external risk exposure. An extremely user-friendly product that is a ‘value add’ extension to our SecOps team.

Digital Shadows has proven that their digital risk management service is incredibly valuable, providing my security teams with context, prioritization, recommended actions, and even 
remediation options to dramatically reduce risk to Sophos.


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