Threat Intelligence

Understand threat actors, their behavior, and the assets they target.

The Problem

Organizations across the world have been turning to threat intelligence to increase their understanding of attacker campaigns, behavior, and tools.

An understanding of the relevant threat landscape is key to making decisions on how best to manage digital risk. However, the pace of change of this landscape - its diversity of actors, behaviors, and tools - means time and resources are often wasted on the irrelevant or out of date information.


of companies produce or consume Cyber Threat Intelligence

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Planning and Collection

One of the biggest reasons our customers turn to us is because of our wide collection. Unlike other providers of intelligence, we do not hyper-focus on one area of the web. Some focus on dark web and criminal forums, others on social media, and some focus exclusively on technical information.

Digital Shadows covers all of these sources, and more.


Within the Intelligence tab of the SearchLight portal, customers can consume our analysis of the latest threats, tools, campaigns, and news. Our team of 50 global threat intelligence analysts speak over 20 languages, and employ a range of structured analytical techniques to provide you rigorous analyses of the latest threats and threat actors. This can be presented through our intelligence summaries, RFIs, or in our intelligence repository.

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While everything is available through our cloud-based platform, we understand that organizations have existing technology stacks and processes that they wish to integrate with.

Clients consume our intelligence through our RESTful API, Email Alerting, Requests for Information, and Weekly Intelligence Summaries.

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Threat Intelligence Datasheet

Understand threat actors, their behavior, and the assets they target.


Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze and Disseminate


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Threat Models

Understanding Threat Modeling

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